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How to Write Off Invoices in QuickBooks

Often, as accounting professionals, we need to adjust our client’s Accounts Receivable balances. Perhaps there were several small unpaid finance charge invoices, or over the year our client’s customers paid their invoices short of what was due. Creating a customer … Continue reading

How to Use the Payroll Checkup Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks

After you complete payroll setup and you have created payroll checks, or year-to-date entries in QuickBooks, you are ready to review your data using the Run Payroll Checkup diagnostic tool. This feature is similar to the Payroll Setup feature. In fact, when … Continue reading

Creating an Uncleared Transactions Detail Report in QuickBooks

This report is one of the most useful to you as you research your bank reconciliation errors. You might want to memorize this report so it can be reviewed again if needed. To create an uncleared bank transactions report, follow … Continue reading

QuickBooks Multiyear Bank Reconciliation Tip

If you are choosing to complete a multiyear or multimonth bank reconciliation, consider reconciling through the last month of your previous fiscal year, which for most companies would be your statement ending December 31, 20xx. Choosing a month to reconcile … Continue reading

QuickBooks Reconciliation Difference

First determine whether the amount is significant. If the answer is yes, the best method for finding errors is to review each item marked cleared in QuickBooks with the transactions listed on your bank statements. If the difference shown on … Continue reading

QuickBooks 2012 In Depth – QUE Publication

New QuickBooks Reference Guide QuickBooks 2012 In Depth, published by QUE Recognized QuickBooks expert, Laura Madeira will be publishing yet another QuickBooks reference guide. Laura will join other respected authors of the In Depth series by QUE. Her new work … Continue reading

QuickBooks File Cleanup

Where Do I Start? I was recently asked: “Hi Laura. Thanks for taking time to share your expertise. I just started my acctg service a few months ago. What’s the best way to get started on a QB account that … Continue reading

QuickBooks Cash Basis Accounts Receivable or Payable

QuickBooks Help with Balance Sheet What can you do if you do have an Accounts Receivable balance on your Cash Basis Balance Sheet? First, modify the following report, to help you locate the transactions making up this balance: 1. … Continue reading