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Troubleshooting the Profit & Loss Standard Report in QuickBooks

If you suspect errors with your financials, drilling down (double-clicking with your cursor) on the Total Income, Cost of Goods Sold, or Expense totals from a Profit & Loss Standard report might provide clues to the mistakes. To generate this … Continue reading

Creating an Uncleared Transactions Detail Report in QuickBooks

This report is one of the most useful to you as you research your bank reconciliation errors. You might want to memorize this report so it can be reviewed again if needed. To create an uncleared bank transactions report, follow … Continue reading

Emailing Reports in QuickBooks

Did you know that you can email reports from within QuickBooks? This can be a convenient way to get information to your customers, vendors, and even accountant. You can email reports as two types of attachments: individual Adobe PDF files … Continue reading

Editing an Existing QSW Supporting Document in QuickBooks

You might find it necessary to edit the text or fields in an existing QSW supporting document. You can access the Microsoft Word .dot templates directly from a QSW Report or you can browse to the stored templates directly from … Continue reading

Accrual or Cash Basis for Profit & Loss Reports in QuickBooks

My recommendation is that business owners view their business Profit & Loss report in accrual basis. This method more accurately matches their expenses with the related revenue in the same accounting period. The business’s accountant can then review the data … Continue reading

How to Download a Report Template for QuickBooks

Did you know that you can download a report template from the QuickBooks website that you can import into your data or your clients’ data to provide this detail and other useful reports? See Chapter 16, “Reporting Tips and Tricks,” … Continue reading

QuickBooks and Intuit Statement Writer

With Intuit Statement Writer you can customize your QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise financials using the powerful features of Microsoft Excel*. Learn about the new features with the improved Intuit Statement Writer 2011. Free 30 day trial simply click on Reports, … Continue reading

QuickBooks – Accrual or Cash Basis Reporting?

Choosing a Reporting Basis Are you a business owner unsure of what critical information you should be reviewing in your data file and how often you should perform the review, or are you an accounting professional new to the QuickBooks … Continue reading

Creating a QuickBooks Undeposited Funds Detail Report

The first report I create for a client is a custom report titled “Undeposited Funds Detail.” This is not a ready-made report in QuickBooks, but it is easy to create, as you will see. This report is fundamental because you … Continue reading