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What’s New and Improved for QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 – The News is Out! Read the full article here. Sign up for free webinar: September 12 (12-1pm Central) or September 25 (12-1pm Central) Here are just a few of the new and improved features: Multi-Monitor Support: Tailor your work space … Continue reading

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 What’s New and Improved!

What’s New and Improved! Want to learn about all of the new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2017? Want an easy to read, technically packed document? Click Here to Sign Up For Your Free Copy – An email will … Continue reading

QuickBooks Client Collaborator

As an accounting professional, how do you currently communicate with your clients about questions you have while reviewing their QuickBooks data? Do you find yourself composing multiple emails, or interrupting your workday to make a call to the client? For … Continue reading

Defragmenting Your Windows 7 Computer for Better QuickBooks Performance

Fragmentation refers to any condition where data is not recorded in a logical continuous order. QuickBooks is subject to two different kinds of fragmentation—disk fragmentation and database fragmentation. An example of disk fragmentation is when a QuickBooks invoice is recorded … Continue reading

How to Set Up and Manage Bank Feeds in QuickBooks

Manage your banking and credit card balances in QuickBooks by securely downloading transactions from the financial institution directly into your data file. QuickBooks will match the downloaded transactions to existing transactions, and will mark for review any discrepancies. No need … Continue reading

How to Memorize Recurring Transactions in QuickBooks

QuickBooks can also help you not forget a recurring accounts payable bill. Memorized bills work best if the amount being paid is the same from month to month (or whatever frequency you set). An example is your rent payment. To … Continue reading

How to Customize the Company Snapshot in QuickBooks

One of the reasons QuickBooks is so popular is the ease in which you can get reports of your financial activity. On summary reports you can “drill down” on a specific number in a report to see the underlying transactions; … Continue reading

Changing the Online Banking Mode in QuickBooks

QuickBooks makes it easy to send or receive financial information among your bank or credit card financial institutions. The interface enables you to download your transactions for easy matching and reconciliation, examine recent bank transactions, transfer money between two online … Continue reading

How to Record Uncleared Bank Checks in QuickBooks

If you are new to the QuickBooks software and need to enter beginning balances from some other software solution use these instructions to enter the uncleared checks as of your startup date: From the menu bar, select Banking, Write Checks. … Continue reading

Color is Back! With QuickBooks Maintenance Release 6

What is Your Favorite Color? New For QuickBooks 2013: R6 Maintenance Release Available Now When QuickBooks 2013 was released last year, many changes were made to the color scheme in QuickBooks to improve navigation. While the new design was similar … Continue reading