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QuickBooks Data Sharing – Accountant’s Copy

I was recently asked “Laura, I have not used the Accountants feature to change entries in that review section. I was wondering if it has to be “accountants copy” to function. Most of the time I am at clients office, … Continue reading

QuickBooks into The Future – Wow Look At This!

Easily Share QuickBooks Data Between Clients and Accountant’s Want to win a copy of QuickBooks Premier 2011? Follow these rules: Read about this new product in development Leave a comment here with this blog post about what you think of … Continue reading

Sharing QuickBooks Data with Your Accountant

Choosing a Method to Share Data QuickBooks offers flexibility in how data is shared between a business owner and an accountant. Different methods can be used at different times during the year, depending on the nature of the changes to … Continue reading