Why Now for QuickBooks Desktop?

Improved user experience and security protocols are being introduced for the QuickBooks Desktop software user by requiring the Company owner to login to an Intuit account when opening the Company file… Continue reading

What’s New and Improved for QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 – The News is Out! Read the full article here. Sign up for free webinar: September 12 (12-1pm Central) or September 25 (12-1pm Central) Here are just a few of the new and improved features: Multi-Monitor Support: Tailor your work space … Continue reading

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 What’s New and Improved!

What’s New and Improved! Want to learn about all of the new and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop 2017? Want an easy to read, technically packed document? Click Here to Sign Up For Your Free Copy – An email will … Continue reading

How to Use Batch Invoicing in QuickBooks

Do you issue recurring invoices to a group of customers for the following? Same service or product item Same price Same billing frequency Same invoice template If you answered yes to each of these questions, you will save time invoicing … Continue reading

How to Add a New Vendor in QuickBooks

When you are ready to purchase materials or services for your business, you need to create a vendor. You might already have a head start on adding vendors to your file, if you used the Adding Contacts feature available with the … Continue reading

Setting Up and Using Multiple Unit of Measure in QuickBooks

If you are using QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise, you have the option to set up Multiple Unit of Measure. A benefit of this feature is the capability to assign a specific unit default for purchases, shipping, and sales transactions. To … Continue reading

How to Use the Credit Card Audit Trail Report in QuickBooks

QuickBooks users can stay in compliance with credit card industry security requirements by enabling security around who can view, add, or edit your customers’ credit card numbers. Individual users can be included or excluded from accessing customers’ sensitive credit card … Continue reading

Tracking Changes to Closed Accounting Periods in QuickBooks

Did you know that you can “lock” your QuickBooks data and prevent users from making changes to prior accounting periods? This process is what we accountants call a “soft close.” This means that at any time, if you do need … Continue reading

Reviewing the Profit & Loss Report in QuickBooks

My experience over the years has been that business owners do not look at the Balance Sheet report often, if at all. However, nearly every business owner I have worked with has reviewed the Profit & Loss Standard report for … Continue reading

How to Set Your Home Page as the Company Snapshot in QuickBooks

If you want to have the Company Snapshot display, when you first open a company file, follow these steps: Click the Company Snapshot icon on the icon bar to open the Company Snapshot. Alternatively, select Company, Company Snapshot from the … Continue reading

How to Sort Transactions in QuickBooks

Another method for reviewing uncleared bank transactions is to open your bank register and follow these steps: From the menu bar select Banking, Use Register. Select the desired bank account in the Use Register dialog box. On the lower left … Continue reading